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About Us

We bring wood to life.
Woodworking has been a part of our everyday life for over 40 years.

(When we shopped for a home, we got the workshop laid out first and then designed everything else around it.)

Initially, we never imagined we could turn our love of one of God’s greatest gifts to us – wood – into a business that would sustain our family. But it turns out that when you truly have a passion for something, and are determined to exceed the expectations of your customers, the business will find you.

We’ve been creating woodcraft products from the very beginning and every project is always a labor of love. When we started building cedar-strip canoes and kayaks a few years ago, we were thrilled to discover a whole new type of artistry – and that it is so rewarding to build a beautiful and unique boat and then get to see someone paddle it away.

Over the years we have built just about everything imaginable from wood, some of which was salvaged from fallen trees. From complete kitchen cabinets and specialty furniture to realistic wildlife carvings, we’ve never met a woodworking project that we didn’t find interesting and rewarding.

We believe our success is rooted in our commitment to paying particular attention to every detail – and to ensuring that we listen to our clients and customers. It’s never been our mission to be the cheapest, but it’s always been our mission to be the best, which is what we strive to achieve with every piece of wood.
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