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Our Cherokee 165 (16 1/2′) is a beautifully styled canoe, similar in shape to those used by some Native Americans to navigate coastal and inland waterways. Although theirs were of other construction methods than the cedar-strip style, the basic shape and functionality is similar. This two-person craft offers the traditional cane seats and hardwood yoke, with an upturned bow and stern which make it easy to navigate in rough waters.

The wood used to form the hull is primarily of Western Red Cedar strips. Cedar is used for its straight grain and great strength-to-weight ratio. Other woods are also used where additional strength or design aesthetics are needed. Ash and Hickory are sometimes used to form the gunnels, while Cherry, Ash or Mahogany may be used for the seat frame. we often use Sapele as contrasting strips in the hull. We try to find some uniquely patterned wood such as Birdseye Maple, Walnut burl or other figured woods to form the decks.