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The Etowah river, 141 miles long, begins in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia and flows SW to Rome, Georgia where it joins the Oostanaula River to form the Coosa.

The Etowah 120 is a fantastic little craft that will accommodate paddlers of nearly every size. It’s a hybrid construction, meaning that the hull is built of plywood and the deck is strip construction. Both the hull and deck, both inside and out, are covered with fiberglass and epoxy resin. We sometimes use carbon fiber on the inside of the hull for a special look.

The Etowah 120 will carry an ample amount of gear in its spacious rear cargo compartment. The rear hatch as well as the large foredeck offers an ideal space for adding detail and design theme -elements such as the Bear Claws and Bear inlays as shown here.

Its cockpit size makes it easy to enter and exit. At approximately 45lbs it is easy to carry and launch and its compact 12’ length makes it a great choice for paddling those lakes and deep water streams such as some sections of the Etowah. Its beam and hull design makes for a stable feel in the water.

Like all our boats we work with our clients to develop those special design elements that will make each Etowah truly unique and one-of-a-kind. The Etowah 120 is also the perfect size to display in that special cabin or lake house.