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Canvasback Drake

The Canvasback (Aythya valisineria) has always been considered “the king of the diving ducks”. This Canvasback is life-sized with colorization of the actual bird. The feathers of this wooden decorative decoy are beautiful in the hand – you’ll want to look at them up-close to make sure they’re wood. Carefully-set glass eyes finish the deception. Handcarved by us, no two Canvasback drakes are exactly the same.


Canvasback pair (hen and drake)

This magnificent pair of birds make a wonderful addition to any home. Canvasbacks have been prized for their beauty for centuries. Buy the hen and drake together and we’ll make you a matching pair that look particularly good together.


Canvasback Hen

This beautiful Canvasback hen looks so lifelike while she is just “scratching an itch”. She is colored with subtle grays and browns. All wood with carefully-set glass eyes, she will capture your heart. Like her male counterpart, she is truly one of a kind.


Ruddy Drake

Ruddys are small, compact ducks with stout, scoop-shaped bills, and long, stiff tails they often hold cocked upward. Our male Ruddy Duck has blackish caps that contrast with his bright white cheeks with a rich chestnut body with a blue bill (his summer colors). It’s hard not to fall in love with this duck, in real life and in wood.