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Currahee Mountain is a mountain located in Northeast Georgia. The name appears to be derived from the Cherokee word ᏊᏩᎯ (quu-wa-hi) meaning “stand alone.”… The mountain was made famous internationally by Steven Spielberg’s television miniseries A Band of Brothers, in which it was featured as a training site of the American Paratroopers at Camp Toccoa, where they ran up and down Currahee. The name of the mountain became the motto for these paratroopers including the famous quote: “3 Miles up, 3 Miles down”. The nickname of the 506th. Infantry Regiment of which Easy Company was a part, is “Currahee”. Wikipedia


The Curahee 175 is a 17.5′ Kayak with a spacious cockpit, adjustable foot braces and comfortable seat and back support. The Curahee’s distinctive V-hull design makes it fast and smooth. The upturned bow and straight aft-deck gives the Curahee an elegant look in the water, and its long slender design makes paddling almost effortless. It also offers spacious storage compartments both forward and aft.

The Curahee 175 hull is crafted from first grade Western Red Cedar strips that utilizes our standard stapleless construction. The hull is fared and then covered in fiberglass and epoxy. The inside of the hull is also covered with 6 oz fiberglass cloth and epoxy or, at the discretion of our clients, Carbon Fiber can be used inside the hull in lieu of the fiberglass cloth.