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The word “Chestatee” is a Cherokee word meaning roughly “pine torch place” or “place of lights”, because they would use bonfires along the riverbanks to light their torches. They would then use these torches for hunting Deer and other wild game. The Chestatee River, located in northern Georgia, was used as a defining line in the Cherokee Treaty of Washington in 1819. The river empties into and forms the Chestatee leg of Lake Lanier.


Our Chestatee 115 (11 1/2′) is a compact one-person canoe that handles well in most conditions.

The wood used to form the hull is primarily of Western Red Cedar strips. Cedar is used for its straight grain and its great strength to weight ratio. Other woods are also used where additional strength or design aesthetics are needed, i.e., Ash or Hickory are sometimes used to form the Gunnels. Cherry, Ash or Mahogany may be used for the seat frame. We often use Sapele as contrasting strips in the hull. We try to find some uniquely patterned wood such as Birdseye Maple, Walnut burl or other figured woods to form the decks.

Additionally, we often add some design element such as inlays of contrasting woods to achieve a specific effect. This is where we love to work with our clients to produce a custom look that makes our boats even more one-of-a-kinds.